Boys Retreat: Father and Son Weekend Getaway FAQs

Retreat FAQs

If you and your son are driving to the retreat, please park your car at the Biophilia Center. If you and your son are being dropped off at the retreat, please go straight to Camp Longleaf. You will receive an email one week prior to the retreat with drop off time and check-in details. See Getting to Camp.
Male father figures must be 18 years or older. Sons must be 6 to 14 years old. Age requirements must be met by the start date of retreat.
Father figures will have full responsibility of their son(s). This includes bringing and supplying any needed medications, as well as being aware of what foods their son may eat if there are any food-related allergies.
One father can register up to two sons. Any more, must have an additional male father figure.
Please see our packing list for full details on what you need to bring to the retreat.
You and your son will be staying in the same cabin with other families of similar ages.
Leaving early is not permitted unless a medical or family emergency arises. No refunds will be provided.
Security is extremely important at Camp Longleaf. In addition to father figures having full responsibility of their sons, we also have staff who live on campus to ensure that no unauthorized people are at camp outside of normal business hours. Camp Longleaf is also secured with a gate, which only authorized staff and visitors have access to unlock. Any person not cleared to be at camp are immediately identified, approached, and asked to leave. Several nearby administrative staff will be on call each night for emergencies.
You do not need to be a Biophilia member to attend Camp Longleaf’s retreat. There is currently no discount for registration through our membership program.
Schedule changes can only be made by Camp Longleaf administration. Please fill out a cancellation/session change form found here for any schedule change request. A completed form is required for all changes. Please do not call the office for a session transfer.
Any requested change must be confirmed through e-mail by a staff member to be considered valid. A $25 administrative fee will be applied and must be paid before completion of the change can occur.
Accurate forecasting of camper participation is crucial to the camp planning process. We recognize that planning ahead is not always possible and that summer plans can change. We strive to accommodate change requests as best we can, and the administrative fees we charge aid us in doing so.
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