Camp Longleaf is an extension of the E.O. Wilson Biophilia center, founded in 2009.  Camp Longleaf serves as the home to the Naturalists Outdoors programs for K-12 students during the schoolyear.  Summertime brings the opportunity for groups and clubs from all parts of the country to experience teambuilding and relationship forging, all in the beautiful longleaf pine forest.
We have brought a traditional campground campus to the Florida Panhandle, in the heart of the Emerald Coast. At Camp Longleaf, we believe that the longleaf pine forest should be a fun and inviting place for folks to learn and grow in relation to nature. By helping people value the earth and its animals, they are able to better preserve, protect, and appreciate the wonders of the outdoor world.
Our professional staff strives to provide a quality, safe experience for our visitors in nature. We encourage our guests to engage in new physical and creative activities while developing meaningful relationships with one another.  The Biophilia Center has a strong history of educating our local students and visitors about the importance of biodiversity in the hope to encourage conservation. We bring that same passion to Camp Longleaf.
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