Health & Safety


Camp Longleaf is committed to the health and safety of all our guests and staff.  Please know that our team is taking all the appropriate measures to create a wholesome environment for all.


At Camp Longleaf, we have a registered healthcare professional available for our campers. They are directly in charge of our campers' health, delivering first aid and administering daily medications. All medications brought by your camper MUST BE in original packaging and will be stored safely in our infirmary and administered only by our healthcare professional, as instructed by the medication form. All counselors and staff are trained in first aid and CPR in case of emergency. Health forms are required for all campers prior to camp attendance. All medicine and health forms are confidential. Any allergies listed on the health form will be carefully noted by our staff to keep your child safe and comfortable.
The health of our campers is very important to us and we encourage good hygiene while at camp. Hand washing occurs before every meal; furthermore, hand-sanitizing stations are provided throughout the camp to reduce the spread of germs.


Many Camp Longleaf activities will take place outdoors, and there are outdoor hazards that parents should be aware of.  Stinging and biting insects will be very active, especially during the summer time.  Insect repellent is strongly encouraged as well as protective, lightweight, long sleeve shirts and pants if your child is particularly sensitive. Crew cut socks are helpful to protect the ankles when hiking.
We are also very aware of sun protection. Counselors ensure that sunscreen is applied before any activity that takes place in open sun and reapplied as necessary. Sun guard shirts may be a consideration as well. Please make sure that you send your child with a labeled, reusable water bottle (at least 12 oz) so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.
Camp Longleaf counselors and staff are present during all camp activities and will always have radio contact for emergencies. During our day trip to Lake Jackson, swimming campers will be supervised by at least one staff with lifeguard certifications at all times.
Please note that shoes must be worn when campers are outside, and flip-flops are for showering and cabin wear only. Athletic sandals, sneakers or water shoes must be worn during water activities.  
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